Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jack: Month Eleven

Dear Jack-

It was a busy month.  Both in terms of your parents' crazy schedules but also because you decided this was the month to get moving... all over the place.  I maybe should have updated the previous month, but the day you turned 10 months, you started crawling, and since then have just got more and more proficient at getting around in all kinds of different ways.  We are proud of you and how you are figuring everything out!  You are really catching up in a lot of the gross motor areas.  You are still the cutest baby ever and your little smiles and laughs bring a lot of light to our family.


Sleeping:  Well we had to re-visit sleep training which sucked but the good news you did start sleeping better for the most part.  Still occasional wake-ups but it's definitely been better than last month.  You have had kind of a persistent cough and phleghm-iness which hasn't seemed to go away with antibiotics or nebulizer treatments (though some minor improvements) so I'm a little worried about that but it hasn't affected your sleeping too much (the photo below is from earlier in the month when you were feeling sick- so you were snuggling in our bed for a couple of hours).

Naps have also gotten mildly better- you've been more consistently taking 2 one hour naps per day.  Sometimes they can be longer or shorter though.


Eating:  You have really lost interest in bottles and formula this month so I think I need to introduce the sippy cup soon (you've already been drinking water out of a straw cup for months now) and start thinking about what we will transition you to- milk, almond milk, or coconut milk being the likely contenders.  I'll probably start with almond milk until I'm a little more confident that you are over this dairy allergy (by trying cheese or maybe yogurt again and watching for a reaction).  I can't believe we are already to that stage!  I'm not sad about being done with formula but I am sad about being done with bottle-feeding and all the snuggles it entails.  It is something about your babyhood that I have truly enjoyed- those moments of just us together when you are so content to be held.  At the moment though it is more and more becoming a frustrating experience because you lose interest sometimes about an ounce into the bottle and want to play instead.  You do still drink your full 7 oz bottle in the morning usually.  I'm guessing you are taking in about 24 oz per day at this point which I think is normal for 11 months.


Food-wise, I feel like we haven't been quite as good as we were with Nora at introducing you to a wide variety of foods- it's harder with the dairy limitations to serve you whatever we are having so you usually end up with something pretty plain like plain pasta, bread, cereal, and fruit.  The Chipotle pork bowl is a favorite of yours (just like Nora).  You often have a food pouch with dinner too and can feed yourself the pouch now.

Weight:  I'm guessing you did not go up in weight much this month at all (and possibly you might have even lost some weight) because of all your new movement!  Also clothes seem to be fitting the same.

Diaper Size:  Size 4 fitting well

Clothes Size: Size 9-12M and 12M fitting well (still some 9M pants because you still have short legs).


Teeth: I think 4 (two bottom and two top- the new ones), though you really don't like me to check and you clench your little lips together when I try to feel around in there, so it's hard to say for sure if anything else is close to cutting through on the top gum.

Ears:  We scheduled you to get ear tubes at the end of this month. I'm nervous about it but I'm hoping it will be as quick and as effective as everyone tells me.  I hate for my baby to go under anesthesia but it would be great for your ears to be able to drain and for you to feel better.


Milestones: It was a big month for gross motor skills.  You can now crawl all over the place, really fast.  This skill also allowed you to quickly get from lying down to sitting to crawl position, which is a huge step and has made you much happier. :)  You also have gotten to be a pro at pulling up to your feet (and pulling up on everything!), and in the last two weeks you've been cruising along the furniture.  I was on a work trip last week but your grandparents saw you stand several times without holding onto anything- you are getting a lot more stable and you have a lot of interest in being on your feet!  So yes, a lot has changed in a month.  I have no idea when you might start walking- at the rate you are going it could be soon, though I'm going to guess that it will still be closer to 13 months.  We'll see. :)


With all that focus on gross motor, little has changed with language skills- I still don't think you've said a real word yet but you do babble and like to make raspberries and pucker sounds with your mouth.

You sometimes wave hello or do "so big".  I'd like to work on getting you sign back to me because I think you could do it now, I'm just waiting for it to click.


Likes/Dislikes:  You like all the same things: baths, car rides, stroller rides; also you like bouncing on things like Rody or your push car, and you like head banging.  You love crawling over and ripping up Nora's puzzle that she's working on, haha (nothing else drives her more crazy so you've figured out the crucial skill of how to annoy your sister).  You like being involved in what we are doing and now that you crawl you go wherever everyone else is so you can be in the center.  You have really liked figuring out how to move and being able to go where you want.  You like snacking on puffs and when I bring out the container of them you grin from ear to ear.

You hate diaper changes, or getting clothes on, or anything where you need to lie still for a moment.  You still get grumpy about 15 minutes before meals when you see us getting food ready.


We really can't believe our baby is almost one!  This year, your infancy, has gone by in the blink of an eye, particularly the last 6 months.  It is so bittersweet.  I am trying to soak in all the baby rolls and soft baby skin and lovely baby scent now before I wake up one day and you have become a little boy.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jack: Month Ten

Dear Jack-


You are becoming a little person now, with your own likes and dislikes, sense of humor, and personality.  It was another month filled with ear infections, but you are such a happy kid most of the time despite feeling sick.  You are seriously the smiliest baby.  You love bouncing up and down... in your exersaucer, in people's arms, on the floor.  I fear already you will be a rambunctious toddler. :)  I have been trying to soak up the little moments with you, my last baby.  Even the middle of the night wake-ups when I'm exhausted and annoyed but tenderness towards your little sighs and closed eyes and chubby fingers holding mine wells up.  Babyhood is hard, but it is so so fleeting.

A comparison of Jack the day we brought him home from the hospital, and just over 9 months old.

Sleeping:  Some good nights, quite a few not so good ones with the ear infection continuing most of this month, and a rather persistent cold that finally went away.  You sleep on your tummy in your sleep sack much of the night, but often have been having at least one wake-up.  Sometimes you go in the rock n 'play if I want to get you to sleep fast, other times we have tried to be more persistent with keeping you in the crib.  We're not quite in a good place with sleep yet though.  I'm hoping once we can knock this ear infection of yours we will be able to try harder at getting you to sleep more solidly through the night.  One particularly annoying thing is that this last week, you have decided 4 am is the perfect time to wake up for the day.  Yeah, not cool, baby Jack.  Not sure how to break this bad habit but I hope it ends soon.


Naps are generally still short, usually two a day, with one being about 30-40 minutes and the other being maybe an hour.  Sometimes we get a rare 2-hour nap.  Somehow we ended up with two kids that hate napping. :)

Eating:  You are a good eater and you can eat a lot, though I still sense some pickiness- you tend to really like kind of bland starchy things, like bread and pancakes, rice and pasta.  So that's a bit worrisome.  But, you have been eating more and more table food and now usually have at least part of what we are eating for dinner, plus often a puree pouch (you almost refuse to eat off a spoon anymore).  So that's a good way to get veggies in.  I'm hoping we can try a little more cheese sometime this month and see how it goes?  And also possibly egg whites.  You have been doing well with peanut butter and scrambled egg yolks (though you don't really seem to like eating eggs).  I think one of your favorite things this month was sliced up clementines.  And grapes!  Always a fan of grapes.  You are really good at drinking water from your straw sippy cup.


You have not gone down in formula amount at all- still drinking about 30 oz per day, 5 bottles.  You have started to insist on holding your own bottles on occasion.

Weight:  I'm guessing about 21 lbs.

Diaper Size:  Size 4 fits you great right now. Actually we still are trying to finish up a box of 3s and they are starting to be a bit ridiculous in how tight they are.


Clothes Size:  Almost all 9-12M clothes now, though you still wear some 9M pants because you have kind of short legs.

Teeth:  Still just two bottom ones, but now your gums are starting to look bumpy in various places so a new tooth could arrive soon.

Ears: As I've been alluding above, you've had lots of ear problems since about late January.  After 3 rounds of antibiotics and a round of shots (3 days of shots in a row = some kind of torture), I'm hopeful you will soon be rid of it, but we are also going to the ENT next week to discuss getting tubes.  Your dad and I both had tubes as babies, and Nora had like 12 ear infections her first two years, no joke, so honestly I'm hopeful that the tubes may really help you even though I hate to put you through the procedure.


Milestones:  Well, you are still not crawling, though every day we think it's going to happen.  You are so close (come on, look at this photo above!).  You can reach over, turn on your butt, scoot on your butt, get on hands and knees... and then you try to move forward... and fall on your tummy and can't get back into a hands/knees position.  But just in the last couple of days I think you are getting closer on that front too... the nanny saw you finally move from your tummy into a sitting position, a move I've been waiting to see for a long time. :)  Hopefully you will get better at it soon!


You have had a lot of progress in standing and stepping this month.  You pull to your knees easily and occasionally to your feet, though you are still figuring it out.  But you love standing up and holding onto things, and have taken a strong interest in push toys.  You still need some help to take steps while you are pushing, but you have started lifting up your legs better when stepping.  Actually the most frustrating thing this month for me is that you always want to be in a standing position, but you can't do it by yourself, so you whine a lot until I come and help you.  Sometimes we think you will be a baby who walks before they crawl.

You have started to do some hand movements, like "How big is Jack?  SO big!" especially when in your high chair.  You also will sometimes wave and sometimes hi-five, though it's not terribly consistent.

You still mostly just say "dadada" (no mamas yet sadly), but I think you are actually close to saying "cat".  Whenever the cats come by you get super excited and you say something that sounds like "dat" or "at".  You don't get the "c" sound but the only time I hear you say the "t" sound is when the cat is by you so I legitimately think you are trying to say the word.


Likes/Dislikes:  You love eating.  You can get really grumpy if you are hungry.  But usually by the end of the meal you are all giggles and smiles. Or if I break out the cheerios when we are out and about, you seriously squeal in delight. You love baths and this month you have started going crazy with splashing.  I can't say Nora is too fond of it (since you take baths together) but you seem to love seeing how much water you can get everywhere.

You've just started to develop some stranger danger, though you are still pretty easy going around new people.  There's just a lot more worried looks towards me and less smiling when new people are around.

You love bouncing.  You love being tickled on your belly and sides.  You like exploring and moving around, and I think you will be very active once you finally figure out this movement thing.  You have started to enjoy being read stories, particularly ones with flaps (Dear Zoo is a big favorite right now).  And you really like "Moo Baa Lalala" just like Nora did.

You do not like: drying off after the bath, getting pajamas on, diaper changes, having to wait more than 2 seconds for your bottle, and being ignored.


We seriously cannot believe it's only two months until your birthday!  You just got your first haircut and it just reinforced how soon you will be turning from a baby into a toddler.   We love you, little man.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Miracle Night Potty Training

So this happened... Nora night-trained herself!  Here I was expecting to have a kid who wore pull-ups at night for the foreseeable future (she's never once woken up with a dry pull-up.  Ever.).  And then a few weeks ago she out of the blue told us she wanted to wear undies to bed instead of a pull-up.

I've read that there's not a lot you can do to potty train a kid overnight, they either have developmentally developed the ability to hold their bladder that long (and the ability to wake themselves up if they need to go) or they haven't.  This article says that only 2/3 of kids age 3 and under can control their bladders at night and up to 15% of 6 year olds still can't.  So even though Nora day-trained a year and half ago, we've never pushed the night training.  Like I said, it's not like she was waking up dry or anything so there seemed to be no indication she was ready.

So, thinking it was never going to work but wanting to encourage her since she was asking, we bought some disposable bedmats and gave it a try.  She also has a froggy potty in her room to use in the middle of the night.  That night and ever since she's stayed dry in her undies the entire night!  She did have one accident (the one night we didn't insist she use the potty before bedtime) but one accident in like three weeks is pretty amazing in my book, especially because this whole thing literally came out of nowhere and we did not have to use any parenting skills whatsoever.  I had even hatched a plan to try to "gently encourage" her into it this summer, but now it's not needed and that makes me super happy. :)  Even better, no more buying pull-ups!  Now we're keeping all our fingers and toes crossed that this dry-at-night business is here to stay.

On an unrelated note (and gratuitous photo opp), these two kids crack me up.  They are slowly starting to interact a little more and it warms my heart!



Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Ice Cream

Denver managed to topple the February snowfall record this year, from the previous record in 1912.  All this snow calls for something yummy.... snow ice cream!


You definitely want to use fresh white snow.  Also, this makes probably 4 servings of ice cream, so you can adjust the recipe if there are just two of you (it doesn't keep well and should be eaten immediately!).


1 cup milk (chilled)
1/4 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1 pinch salt
8 cups snow

Mix first 4 ingredients together.  Scoop up snow and mix with milk mixture.  Immediately serve.  It's delicious topped with sprinkles.  Nora and I both thoroughly enjoyed this snowy treat!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meal and Grocery Delivery in Denver

With both of us working (and Kevin's schedule being all over the map), I rely heavily on services to make grocery shopping and food preparation easier.  If Kevin's home he will start dinner and that works out great, but if it's just me, by the time I complete my hour commute and pick up both the kids, it's often 6pm or later by the time we are walking in the door.  That means the kids are hungry, I'm exhausted, and I have about 15-30 minutes to get food on the table before it's breakdown city.

So, here are some services I've tried.  Some of these only apply to the Denver area, some are national.  While I haven't tried grocery delivery from or King Soopers directly, my friend Sarah wrote all about her experiences here!

Instacart is a grocery delivery service, only available in a few major cities right now but working on expanding.

  • You can get food from King Soopers, Safeway, Whole Foods, or Costco.  
  • You don't even need a Costco membership to get food from there.  
  • We live in kind of grocery store desert and don't have Whole Foods or Costco near us so it's great to have someone deliver it to us.
  • Delivery fees are pretty cheap, like $5 as long as your order is at least $35. (If you want multiple stores the fee is charged for each store).
  • Site is easy to use.
  • You get your own personal shopper who will text you to ask about replacement items if they are out of something you ordered.
  • Texts are sent when the shopper is on their way. Good communication.
  •  You can order as late as an hour ahead of when you want delivery, and they deliver as late as 10pm at night, every day of the week.  Super convenient!
Not so Awesome:
  •  Food is slightly more expensive than you will find in the store.  Not for every item, but for most items (hey, they have to be making money somewhere, so I understand).
  • Both times I ordered, several items couldn't be found by the shopper.  Which usually doesn't matter but once I had based my whole meal plan on one of the items so it was a bit annoying that it wasn't available.
Hello, Fresh delivers food ready for preparation, but you still have to cook the meal.  You can get either 3 2-serving meals per week or 3 4-serving meals per week (vegetarian or with meat/fish).  This is available nation-wide.

  • This basically eliminates the need for meal-planning, which I love because I absolutely dread trying to figure out what to cook each week.
  • Meals have been yummy and relatively quick to prepare (usually 30-45 min).  They offer 5 recipes each week and you pick 3.  It's nice to get such a variety of food during the week.
  • The recipes are very easy to follow, with pictures.
  • Can shorten grocery shopping time (no dinner food needed).
  • Delivered with lots of ice packs and stays cold; food has always seemed very fresh on arrival.
Not so Awesome:
  •  Still need to go grocery shopping for breakfast/lunch items so doesn't completely eliminate the trip.
  • Kevin thinks it's pretty expensive considering you still have to make the whole meal yourself (I think it's about $70 for the weekly 2-person meals and $120 for the 3-person meals).  I would argue it's not too bad considering how many ingredients are in each recipe, but yeah, it's not exactly budget dining.
  • We actually end up cooking more using this service because we've been getting the 2-person meals (since Jack doesn't eat much yet and Nora doesn't eat a ton), so there aren't leftovers like there are if we make our own recipes.  Yes, I suppose we could bump up to the 4-serving meals to solve that problem, but I wish there were more meal choice options, like 2 4-serving meals per week instead of 3.  Usually we go out Friday and Saturday nights and have pizza night Sundays so we don't really need that much food.
  • At least for our area, their available delivery times are annoying... like Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only, anytime between 8am-8pm on your delivery day.  I mean, when I'm trying to figure out the next week, I want the food to arrive at the beginning of the week, right?  If I get the food on Friday, we're unlikely to eat any of it until Sunday at the earliest, so then it's been sitting around for two days already.  I picked Wednesday so we can eat the first meal Wednesday night, but then I'm always stressed that the box won't actually show up until 8pm that night (so far it's been showing up around 5pm so it's already getting close to dinner time).
 3)  Spicy Radish
Spicy Radish is in the Denver area only, but they deliver fully prepared meals.  You can order 2 ($24), 3 ($32), or 4 ($40)-person meals.

  • This is by far the most time-saving option, as the meals take only 5-10 minutes to reheat and throw together.  A life-saver some nights.
  • Food is usually pretty tasty.  There are usually 4 options of meals to choose from each week.
  • Only a couple dollars more than Hello Meals and the preparation is already done.
  • Delivery on Sundays which is the best timing in my opinion.
 Not so Awesome:
  • Servings could be slightly larger for the price.  I usually get the 4-person meal size and try to have it last two nights but we usually have to supplement the meal with something extra, like bread or salad (or dessert).
  • Reheating meat in particular can sometimes dry it out, so I tend to think it doesn't taste quite as good as a freshly prepared meal.
  • Again, still need to do some grocery shopping for other meals.
  • Have to order by the previous Thursday at noon, so it does require some advanced planning.
Anybody else tried any good meal/grocery delivery services??

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jack: Month Nine


Dear Jack:

You are adorable as ever, but this was not my favorite month.  It was the month of sickness for you (and me, and your sister).  Plus, you started off the month teething- now you have your two bottom teeth!  So that meant pretty poor sleep, and then you got a cold which turned into a double ear infection, then croup, then the ear infection came back, then the antibiotics for the ear infection upset your digestive track, and you still have a persistent cough (as do I.  It is the worst!).  You have not been as smiley this month (understandably) and you've had some rough days, and sleep training has been on hold for quite a while.

In good news, you are more interactive than ever, and so snuggly.  You love your mama!  You are always giving me the sweetest hugs and snuggles.


Sleeping:  Given all of the above, it could have been worse I suppose, but yeah, it was not a great month for sleep.  I think the worst part is that every night has become an unknown- you might sleep the whole night through; you might wake up 4 times; you might sleep but wake up at 5am.  Also when you wake up the go-to resolution has been to move you from your crib to your rock n'play.  I know.  Not good.  But especially with your cold I feel like the tilt of the rock n'play allowed you to sleep so much better.  Still, now that you are feeling better, I really need to stop using that and get back on the sleep training train.  It's just hard.

Naps have been okay.  You tend to either take 3 short naps (30 min each) or 2 naps (one longer and one short).  I generally do not have a hard time putting you down for a nap, you are usually pretty ready for naptime and usually fall asleep pretty easily, something I'm grateful for and hope it continues!


Eating: You have three meals a day and have started to eat more and more table food, though usually we give you a puree as the base of the meal.  You've also shown signs of pickiness already this month which has me a little worried.  If there is something you don't like you will purse your little lips and turn away and absolutely refuse to even try it.  Mostly you love purees that are sweet (big surprise), bananas, puffs, bread, pancakes, pickles, and quartered grapes.  I tried to get you to eat some berries and while you had several the first time I offered, you've since refused every time.  Argh.  I also tried a little cheese to test your dairy allergy- I thought it went okay but about 36 hours later you had one of your worst nights of sleep ever.  I can't say for sure it was the dairy because it was awhile later and also that was right when you were getting your ear infection, but it kind of freaked me out.  I think we will wait until you are a year old to try dairy again. I know you get some dairy in the bread products you love so much so at least dairy that is baked into things doesn't seem to bother you too much.  We also tried peanut butter a couple of times and so far (knock on wood) there doesn't seem to be a reaction to it.

You still drink 5 bottles of formula per day, about 30oz total.

Weight:  At your recent doctor visit you weight 20lbs 2 oz.  You've more than quadrupled your birth weight!  Just astounding to me how much you've grown.


Diaper Size: Size 3... but I'm thinking of switching to 4s.

Clothes Size: I've put most of your 9M shirts and onesies away.  You can still fit in some of your 9M sleepers and pants, though some of the sleepers are starting to look a little uncomfortable.  You can fit in some of your 12M things now pretty well!  I was planning on that size lasting through spring so I hope that's the case.

Teeth:  Bottom two.  They are so cute!  I haven't checked in awhile to see if you're getting any others.


Nicknames: Buddy, Bubs, Bubba, Jackster, Jumpin Jack, Jack Attack, Baby Jack, Mr. Jack

Milestones: Your adjusted age is 7.5 months. You've made some forward progress in movement.  Well, one step back- you suddenly hate rolling again.  Or just being on your back/belly in general.  I think since you've gotten so good at sitting you just want to be in that position and nothing else will do.  BUT, I also think you are getting really close to crawling.  You can get on your hands and knees from the sitting position now.  However, if you try to move forward you just end up on your belly (and mad).  So maybe a few more weeks?  I'm not sure.  You definitely seem highly motivated in the last week or two- so many things you want to explore and we can see how frustrated you are getting at being unable to reach everything you want to touch (eek!  must get baby gates soon).  You have become a pro at turning in circles on your butt so you can reach everything within your sitting radius.


You are still loving standing up and you can stand by yourself holding onto or leaning against the activity table (carefully monitored, you are still lacking in balance). You can't pull yourself up yet.


I also think you are getting pretty close to clapping/waving.  We've gotten you to clap a couple of times after we do it and same with waving, but it's not consistent so I'm not sure you really get it yet.  You are finally saying the "m" consonant, though I only get a "mah" sound when you are getting mad or upset- no "mama" quite yet.  It is so cute when you are babbling away to yourself. :)

Likes/Dislikes:  You like sleeping in the car.  You tend to fall asleep like 3 minutes after I strap you in, which can be annoying if we're just taking a quick drive somewhere.  You like taking "big boy baths" with Nora.  You love puffs (those baby snacks).  You like interactive games like patty cake and peekaboo.  You love when people talk to you or play with you.  You love bottle time (unless there's a lot going on, then you get very distracted).  You like playing with board books (though admittedly we have not been very good about reading to you every night- something I want to get better about!  I guess it's second child syndrome.  Though you don't actually seem that interested in listening to the books right now, just chewing them and turning the pages). You like stroller walks.

You are losing interest in the exersaucer and jumperoo.  I had already retired the jumparoo at this point with Nora, I think, because once she started army crawling she had no interest either.  You don't like having a dirty diaper (wet diapers don't bother you though).  You don't like loud "scary" sounds like yelling or dogs barking (that's actually been true for a few months- sometimes you cry when Dante the dog gets excited and starts barking).  You don't like being left with the same toys for longer than 5 minutes or so- you get bored and want to play with something else.


We are hoping next month is much healthier and happier for all of us!  We hate seeing you sick, buddy. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

15 years ago today....

... I went on my first date with Kevin.  We were so young!  Only 19 years old.  We met through one of my best friends in my sorority, and then we happened to have the same differential equations class that semester so we used that as an excuse to get together and study (nerd alert).  Though mostly I remember we talked... and talked and talked.  For hours.

We've been through a lot together in 15 years... college, graduate school, first careers, medical school, residency, cross-country moves, pets, weddings, travel, losses, achievements, and two beautiful babies.... through it all I can't imagine sharing this journey with anyone else.  I remember when I met Kevin, I just knew from the moment we first met that there was something special between us.  Sometimes you find people who just understand you with no effort at all, and that's how it was with us- instant understanding, instant friendship, instant passion.

Marriage and making a life with someone is not as automatic as those first blissful months of dating and falling in love- it takes effort, patience, and choosing to love someone every day (and sometimes, failing).  There's ebb and flow and you are not always on the same page or in sync, especially with small children and multiple responsibilities and days of not seeing each other.  But through all of this, I think the foundation of our relationship has remained firm.  We are partners. I love this man and what my life is now because of him.  We have built this life, a home, a family, where first there was just us two.