Thursday, April 24, 2014

29-30 weeks

I can feel the panic start to set in.  Only 9 weeks left at the most until my c-section... time is seriously flying now.  I'm super excited to meet this baby boy but also a bit terrified at how our lives will change!  We only just got used to having one kid, and here we go throwing ourselves into chaos again.  I can't even remember all the stuff about newborns I learned the first time (I guess that's one advantage of having kids closer together than 3 years).  I also just feel like I'm trying to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy but the moments just keep slipping through my fingers and it's almost over.  Anyway, here are the bump photos....

29 weeks....


and 30 weeks...


Baby's Size: I think the estimate is about 2.75 lbs now.  I had my 30 week appointment this last week (after this I go every two weeks!), and the doctor felt the baby and said she did not think he would be very large (she said probably around the size that Nora was at birth, which was 6 lbs 10oz.  I mean, I thought that was a pretty good size but maybe she just means he's not going to be a 10 lber or something which is fine with me!).

How I'm feeling: We traveled to San Diego last week and I was a bit worried about flying and walking around so much this late in pregnancy but it was just fine.  I definitely got worn out a bit easier and the plane was more uncomfortable so I was glad it was a relatively short flight.  Otherwise, my pelvic pain seems better but heartburn still really sucks.  It's also getting hard to get out of the bed and it feels harder to breathe.

I don't think I've mentioned this yet but this pregnancy I cannot handle toothpaste.  Like I can brush my teeth for about 10 seconds and if any toothpaste gets in the back of my throat it makes me physically gag.  So I try to brush and spit like every two seconds but a lot of times I'll still gag.  It will be nice to be able to brush my teeth again like a normal person!

Exciting updates: I've been loving all the baby kicks and watching my belly roll and move.  He's been quite the gymnast in there lately and it's fascinating to watch my stomach jump all over the place.  When he rolls over it makes me feel a bit nauseated though.  Kevin and I have been discussing names more but I think we have just come up with a few more names we like rather than narrowing the field.  There's no obvious frontrunner yet.  I'm thinking maybe we'll decide on a couple choices and then see if something fits when he's born?  It makes me a little sad... we had decided on Nora's name relatively early and so when she was in utero I thought of her by her name, and with this baby, I just think of him as "baby boy".  Hopefully that doesn't hinder attachment or something when he's born.

Other news:  Nora is now officially in her big girl room!  I'll try to take some pictures and post about it.  I haven't made much progress on baby boy's room other than changing out the pink curtains with navy blue ones and getting a really cute light from Target.  I also have his sheets and changing table pad cover but haven't put them on yet.  Kevin is going to put the converted crib back into crib form and put it on the highest level for me.  I need to dig out all the baby stuff from storage, like our Rock n' Play and some of the baby rattles and toys.  And sterilize all the bottles and buy new nipples for them (I plan to try breastfeeding again but want the bottles all ready to go).

I'm really hoping this baby stays in until the planned c-section date because the thought of him coming early stresses me out... obviously because it's better for his health to stay in longer but also because I really have a number of things at work and home that I want to accomplish before he gets here!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Typical Morning with an almost 3 year old

Upon waking up in the morning....

Me: Time to get dressed!

Nora: No, I want to have naked time for a little tiny bit.

Me: We have to wear clothes, you have school today.

N: But I wanted to wear a pretty dress!

Me: Okay, how about this dress with some leggings and a sweater?  It's too cold to wear it by itself.

N: No, I want to wear my Cinderelly dress!

Me: We can't wear that one to school.  It's not warm enough.  How about this dress?  Or would you rather wear this one, with long sleeves?

N: NO, I don't

Me: You can pick between these two or I can pick for you.

N:  ((crosses arms, pouts))

Me:  Okay, I choose this one. ((Nora runs and hides in princess tent))

Me:  Nora, come out here and get dressed or I'm going to pull you out.  1... 2....

N: OK, I'm coming, don't talk to me!

Me: ((finally getting her dressed though with no cooperation on her part))  Ok, let's go downstairs and have breakfast.

N: I want to watch a movie a little tiny bit.

Me: We don't have time to watch a movie this morning.  How about we play together instead?

N: I wanted to watch a MOVIE.

Me: Why don't you bring a book downstairs we can read together?

N: No, I don't WANT to do THAT.  Stop talking to me, it hurts my ears.

Me: We don't talk like that to each other.  Do you need a time out?

N: ((starts crying)) Yes!

Me:  Ok, stay in your room. When you're ready to come out and speak nicely, you can knock on the door.

Approximately 2 minutes later....  knock knock knock....

N: ((tearful but composed)) Ok, I'm ready Mommy.

Me:  Ok, let's go.

N: ((suddenly completely cheerful)) Let's hold hands and you can read me this story downstairs!

Me:  Ok... ((still reeling from the rapid change in emotions within a three minute time period))

N:  Maybe I can have naked time for a little tiny bit??

Thursday, April 10, 2014

27-28 weeks

27 weeks:

28 weeks:

View from the top @ 28 weeks:

Definitely in the high weight gain part of pregnancy- I've gained about 4 lbs in 2 weeks. My goal of less than 140 lbs is looking slightly less attainable, but I'm about where I was with Nora so maybe it will still work out. Either way, I'm glad this baby seems to be growing just fine!

Baby's size:  About 2 1/4 pounds and around 15".  About the size of an eggplant!  I'd believe it too looking at my stomach.  I can't tell you how many comments I've gotten (from everyone.  Like the coffee shop guy and the lady at the grocery store) about how I must be about ready to give birth in the next couple of days... you should see their eyes pop when I tell them I still have 2.5 months to go.  It's starting to get a bit awkward.

How I'm feeling:  Large.  Very large and noticeable.  My hair is feeling very luxurious though.  I'm trying not to think about 3 months post-partum when it will start falling out in clumps.  Some lower back pain and soreness- support belt seems to help a bit.  A bit of swelling has started- last time it got really bad in third trimester with some serious pitting edema going on so I'm not looking forward to that.  Emotionally, I keep trying to imagine what it will be like with two kids... and then I freak out a bit.

Exciting Updates: I felt the baby hiccup this last week!  It's actually very light right now and kind of cute.  With Nora her hiccups actually got to be pretty annoying because she had them several times a day.  I'm also feeling so many more kicks this week, which is reassuring.  I can now see a lot of movement on the outside- tried to capture it on video but I haven't been able to.  It's fairly distracting at work because I think I could sit and marvel at the little alien in my tummy for hours.

I also got Braxton-hicks contractions for the first time- quite uncomfortable.  I don't really remember having these last time.  I drank a glass of water and tried lying on different sides and they went away after about an hour, but they definitely made me nervous for a little while.

Other news: Nora's room is coming along and I'm kind of hoping to move her in there this weekend- we'll see.  My motivation in the evenings has been waning and I still need to empty out the closet and bookshelf in there so I can move her clothes and toys over.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Fragments

1) It was my dad's birthday this month.  So nice to be in the same state to celebrate with him!  Nora of course wanted to help him open his presents... luckily he was nice enough to oblige.


2) We made our first trip with Nora to Casa Bonita! This was a staple kids' place growing up in Denver. We used to have birthday parties here, or just go for fun. Everything is still pretty much exactly the same! The food is not so good, but the sopapillas are decent. It kind of smells like a pool, and there are cliff divers and a scary cave with a bunch of seven year olds inside ready to jump out at you (I had actually forgotten how scary that cave can be and we took Nora in it- she was kind of freaked out and then I felt bad). There are puppets, a creepy wishing well with a video of some kind of wizard of oz/witch type character in the bottom, lots of trees and lights and mariachi bands... it's a Colorado experience. We went with some of Kevin's residency colleagues. Most of them had never been so it was fun to see their reactions! And Nora had a great time too.


3) Kevin had a couple of weekends off in March and it was wonderful. It has been a rough few months of intern year. Now he's been back to being gone all the time, which will continue through next week, but then he has some time off! We had some nice family days on the weekends he was here. This photo is from family park time. Nora seriously is so happy when both of us are around. And right now Daddy is way more fun than me, because he can climb and play while I am not up for it.


For some reason she still insists on sitting in the "baby" swing even though if she slides forward she can literally touch the ground with her toes. One day maybe I can convince her to use the big kids' swing!


4) Two year olds are hilarious. Or at least I think mine is very funny. She loves making goofy faces and saying, "That's so silly!"


Another funny story:
Me: Nora, guess what? In a couple of weeks we're going to the beach.
Nora: Are you going too?
Me: Yes.
Nora: Is daddy going too?
Me: Yes.
Nora: And baby brother is staying here!

And another, in which she outsmarts our rules (some background- we have a rule about "potty talk"- namely, you can only use potty talk in the bathroom):
Nora: I can't say poopy butt because I'm not in the potty!

5) We are totally entering the threenager stage and it scares me.  Getting Nora to do simple tasks is suddenly extremely difficult.  And the attitude!  My sweet girl is suddenly coming out with things like "I don't want to talk to you!  Stop talking to me!" and "NO.  I don't WANT to do THAT" (said in piercing shrieks).  Sigh.  I'm guessing I will hear this all again 10 years from now.  Meanwhile I have been studying up on my discipline techniques.

And another thing, I'm all for letting her dress herself, but this girl pretty much *only* wants to wear "pretty dresses" which are entirely not season appropriate.  The good news is, while the pink pretty dress she loves is still her favorite, I've convinced her that two other dresses are princess dresses too: one is an "Elsa" dress, and the other (the one shown below) is her Cinderella dress.  Having a few more options is good because the pink dress gets dirty fast.  But, even so, a lot of times these are all in the wash and then it's major freakout city about having to wear "real" clothes.  And the only "real" clothes she wants to wear are her two "ballerina shirts" (shirts with ballerinas on them) and when those are dirty, she literally hates every other cute outfit in her closet.  And if it's not pink or purple?  It pretty much will never see the light of day (though if I can convince her it goes with purple pants or something then she'll maybe agree after much negotiation- see park pictures).  Such a diva!  I'm definitely getting her some dress up clothes for her third birthday which she is totally going to love but she might not dress like a normal person again until she's at least four, lol.

Of course, try to get her to let me brush her hair or put pigtails in and it's like I've told her I'm going to perform Chinese water torture.  Even the gentlest touch elicits a "Stop it!  You're hurting me! That hurts me!".  Distraction (i.e. Curious George or Super Why, two current favorites) is my only weapon.

Good thing she's so cute. :) 



Friday, March 28, 2014

25 and 26 weeks

25 weeks pregnant:


26 weeks pregnant:


The belly is rounding out a bit.  I've gotten more comments in the last two weeks about how big I am than any woman who is not yet in 3rd trimester wants to hear.  Just some advice for anyone who is around a pregnant person- do not comment on size.  If you say they look small, they will take that to mean you think the baby is unhealthy in some way.  If you say they look big, they will take it too mean that you think they are basically an elephant and probably will be unable to walk by the time the baby is born. :)  Just say... you look radiant.  And leave it at that.

I actually think this part of pregnancy is when I look my best.  A nice, noticeable bump, but no swelling or terrible awkardness yet.  Because after about 32 weeks, things go downhill fast.  On my 5'2" frame, there just isn't that much vertical room so everything goes out.  Just look at last time... it was all cute and normal looking up to about 32 weeks, and then my 34 week photo is like... eek!  Let's not even talk about 39 weeks.

Last week, Kevin and I both got this awful stomach virus.  Luckily it was short-lived but it was pretty terrible while it was happening.  Some of my zofran for morning sickness did help me a bit but didn't seem to do anything for Kevin. (sorry to everyone we passed the disease to).  I did worry about the baby and dehydration, but he seems to be okay.

I took my gestational diabetes test today and passed... in fact, I might be on the hypoglycemic side (no big surprise there to anyone who knows what I get like when I'm hungry).  But the doctor didn't seem too worried.  I'm very slightly anemic but I guess that's pretty common (I was anemic last time too).  So yay for staying healthy so far!  And no more glucose drinks. :)

While this baby still isn't the mover and shaker that Nora was, I have started to feel more of the fun movements that I love- today I was fascinated because I could feel his feet.  We had a pushing match- I would push on my tummy and then one foot would push my hand, then another.  I love that.

Nora's room is slowly coming along- her bed will hopefully be delivered tomorrow- and once I get enough of it set up we will move her in there.  I hope she likes it okay!  I'm excited to get the baby stuff out of boxes and go through it to make sure we have everything, but I don't want to do any of that until his room is available for sorting. :)  Speaking of Nora, she has been getting more excited about being a big sister.  She frequently talks about my tummy and the baby getting bigger, and we got her two big sister books (I'm a Big Sister and Big Sisters Are the Best) that she asks to read together a lot (these books are essentially the same, I probably would have been okay with just one).  I try to tell her about how she will be able to help me take care of our baby.  Sometimes she'll say things like, "I'm a little baby too!" and then I reassure her that she'll always be my baby but that she's a big girl now and that's way more fun.  Any other tips on preparation for a sibling?

I'm basically in 3rd trimester this week, because, though I haven't talked about it here, I plan to do a repeat c-section at 39 weeks.  Maybe at some point I'll post about my thoughts/reasons on this, but at any rate, it's crazy that 2/3 of this pregnancy is done!  I'm starting to get sad that it's almost over... I don't plan to be pregnant again.  My two pregnancies are such a short chapter in my life but also such a precious one. Don't get me wrong, there are also many times I think "thank goodness I don't have to deal with (swelling/stretchmarks/heartburn/fillintheblank) again".  But it's very bittersweet.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Phone photos

I just did a phone dump (after learning that you can sync Google Plus with your phone- it will automatically download your photos, up to 15GB or something like that).  I had some fun ones from the last couple of months!

Playing in the sink with her toys (this was kind of messy or at least very wet):


But even messier (though now one of her most requested activities), playing with cool whip dyed with food coloring:


Getting her haircut for the second time (though honestly I thought the lady could have done a better job, she barely took 1/2 an inch off- might go somewhere else next time):

photo 1A

I had gotten out my heartbeat monitor/doppler (still love that thing) and Nora wanted to try it out on her tummy:


Magnatiles are one of her favorite toys right now. These are the kind of gender neutral toys we should be promoting (I'm still a bit annoyed that Goldi.blox is a pink, girly, and not all-that-fun toy that is supposed to encourage girls to learn about engineering. Magnatiles are far superior! ::stepping of soapbox::):


She makes lots of requests for "photos together":

photo 4IMG_0767photo 5

We've been to the zoo a few times which has been fun. It's nice to live so close and just be able to go over there for an hour on mornings that are nice. She likes riding the carousel.

IMG_0769 IMG_0745

Saturday, March 22, 2014

20 questions with your child

I saw this questionnaire somewhere and tried it out with Nora.  It will be fun if I can remember to do this the next few years and see how her responses change!  Obviously at 2.5 years old some of these questions were still a bit over her head (the "how old is..." questions really stumped her... we must seem just ancient to her!).

1. What is something that Mama says to you?  I cried cuz you took the stamps.

2. What is something that makes you happy? (no response)

3. What is something that makes you sad? Daddy says no to watching the factory movie (she's referring to Leap Frog Letter factory.  Guess she was feeling a bit peeved at mom and dad this morning!)

4. What is something that makes you laugh? Mavis (her friend at school)

5. How old are you? Two

6. How old is Mama? (blank look)

7. How old is Daddy? (blank look)

8. Who is your best friend? Gracie.  You like Mavis and Daddy likes Ms. Dolce.

9. What is your favorite thing to do?  Swimming

10. What did we do today? (no response)

11. What's your favorite color? Pink

12. What's your favorite song? ABCDEFG

13. What's your favorite movie? The factory one (I don't think this is true- after this last week it's definitely Frozen and the week before that, The Last Unicorn.  But the Letter Factory movie had been on her mind since she clearly wanted to watch it when I took this interview).

14. What's your favorite food? I like tea (lol... no idea on this one)

15. What are you good at doing? Arts and crafts

16. What's your favorite animal? Foxy (her stuffed fox)

17. What do you dream about? Strawberry tea (no idea)

18. What's your favorite book? Ariel book (she has a number of princess books we've been reading)

19. What's your favorite thing to play outside? The purple slide.  No, the silver slide.

20. What's your favorite fruit to eat? Mac and cheese (giggles hysterically)