Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dining Review: Mekong Delta

I know my brother liked this place when he was out here for his law tournament, so this past weekend I insisted that Kevin and I walk up there to enjoy the nice weather (it's probably about a mile and a half from our house). We couldn't find it at first which was a little frustrating, but we backtracked and stumbled upon it.

I ordered the beef pho (the raw + well-done bowl) and it was excellent. Maybe the best broth in pho I've ever tried- make sure to add in all the toppings and squeeze some sriracha on top. Don't be afraid of the "raw" title- it actually is all quite cooked, because it cooks in the broth. The thinner pieces of beef were my favorite- the larger pieces were a bit fatty for my tastes.

We also got the fried spring rolls, which we thought we just okay- the filling inside was kind of strange (I think maybe they blend the pork and the vermicelli noodles together- I think it would be better separated). Next time we'll try the non-fried summer rolls.

My husband had the lemongrass beef and said it was good, if somewhat unremarkable.

All in all, this place is maybe 3 stars, but I give them 4 stars for their pho.

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  1. You pictures have been incredible--- the blue of the water is amazing... I had forgotten how beautiful it all is.... Looks like quite a trip!! Love you guys... Mom