Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dining Review: Byblos

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant
1033 Light St
Baltimore, MD 21230

This new place in Fed Hill is great. The owners are friendly, the food tastes very fresh. I had the falafel combo platter- beautifully presented with sides of hummus and tabbouleh. I'm normally not a fan of tabbouleh but theirs rocked. The hummus was delicious as well. The falafel, while unique and lovely-looking, was a bit too dry inside- the one minor negative about the meal. Kevin tried the beef schwarma sandwich and was a fan.

I'm sure we'll be back!

Edited to add: I've since been back several times. I absolutely love the snoubra combo platter- though just a warning, this delicious potato concoction is served cold. It is so delicious though! I've also had the beef schwarma platter and it is so good- particularly with both the hot sauce and what I believe is tahini. Yum! This place is definitely a favorite of mine....

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