Thursday, June 10, 2010

Erin and Myron's Visit to Baltimore

We love having visitors! Over Memorial Day weekend, my sister Erin and her husband Myron visited us for 3 lovely (though hot) days. The heat and humidity is good practice for them since they're going to Taiwan to live for 2 years!

On the first day, after enjoying a breakfast of bagels, strawberries, and pineapple on the rooftop deck (yep, we spent a lot of time up there- it was awesome!), we took them on our walking tour of Baltimore. This means we walk from Federal Hill to Fells' Point, which covers a lot of ground, but it's a pleasant walk and you see a lot of stuff.

My sister and Myron at Federal Hill, overlooking the city (one of our favorite spots):

misc 4690

After walking along the Inner Harbor and around by the aquarium, you come to what is called a "screwpile" lighthouse (not functioning any more-- this guy used to be out on a pile of rocks in the bay, and one family lived there with a bunch of goats on they kept on the tiny platform beneath. I guess it was fairly miserable in the winter):

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Following the water around, you then come to a pretty cool sculpture dedicated to the Polish Katyn massacre. They have a touching plaque up about it:

misc 4693

And a pretty fountain:

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We made it to Fells' Point, a cute little trendy neighborhood across the Inner Harbor from Fed Hill. We went to one of my favorite cheap eats in Baltimore, Tortilleria Sinaloa. Here's my review:

"I love finding places like this- very reasonably priced, fresh, tasty, fast. Simple menu- I'd recommend getting two or three tacos (choose your meat- pescado=fish, barbacoa=bbq pork, carnitas=pork, pollo=chicken)- with all the toppings. My favorite is the carnitas. Pull up to the table if there's room, and squeeze some lime over the delicious plate when it arrives. Every taco uses two tortillas, and these tortillas are some of the best I've ever had- fresh from the tortilla machine. You can buy a bag to go for just $1.90.

The only negative- the tortilla machine is loud, so it can be hard to carry on a conversation- and often there's not available seating. It can be a good place to take the food and go (they'll likely give you a sampling of salsas- the mango salsa is de-lish; the green salsa is uber-spicy).

Overall, a great place for fresh, tasty Mexican that's not dripping with fatty cheese, but rather focuses on the amazingly awesome tortillas."

Tortilleria Sinaloa on Urbanspoon

We finished up lunch by trying some Baltimore snowballs (our very first!). From what I can gather, snowballs are basically the same thing as snowcones, though nobody calls them that here. We tried an egg custard snowball with marshmallow. I wasn't a huge fan of the egg custard flavor (my sister tried a cherry one and it was better), but the marshmallow is surprisingly delicious- they put it in between the layers of ice and it makes everything meld together in a creamy sort of way. Myron preferred his sans-marshmallow though, so it's really personal preference.

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  1. I remember snowballs! I used to go to Baltimore every summer with my best friend. The marshmallow is a must!

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