Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dining Review: Mr Rain's Fun House

Mr Rain's Fun House
800 Key Hwy
Baltimore, MD 21230

We went to this fun, beautiful restaurant located on the 3rd floor of the American Visionary Arts Museum for my birthday. We had a Groupon- yay! It was great to try this place- just a 5-10 minute walk from our house. :)

Restaurant Week was going on, but we stuck to the main menu (you can't use your Groupon with RW). You could order some things off of the RW menu a la carte- which we did. We started off with the Lumpia appetizer. It sounds... well, lumpy, but really it was quite good. They are like hot cripsy eggrolls stuffed with chicken and spices. The two rolls were served with a buttermilk pesto type sauce and a spicy sweet chili sauce- both which rocked! I was dipping stuff in those sauces throughout the meal.

I also ordered a cocktail- and delicious blend of rum, liqueur, and muddled strawberries. I would have liked more strawberries, and more... well, just more. It might have been the smallest $10 cocktail I've ever seen. It was tasty though.

And then... they brought out the bread for the table. This might have been the highlight of the whole meal- not your typical bread, but little pretzel rolls. Warm, chewy, slightly sweet, coated in the perfect amount of salt, served with excellent quality spicy mustard- just fantastic. We ate two baskets before dinner, I'm not even kidding. We hardly made it through dinner!

But we soldiered on. For dinner we ordered the Hog Roast Platter ($38). Expensive, but there was plenty of food for two people (it's meant to share). You get three kinds of pork- a barbecue pulled pork (Kevin's favorite), a very homemade-tasting sausage (in a good way- my favorite), and a somewhat mediocre cured ham (I guess? that's what the menu calls it). You also get a huge pile of shoestring fries and thinly sliced veggies. Tons of food! It was all quite tasty (the fries were so delicate and thin!) but we were so full on pretzel rolls we only ate about half of it and got the rest to go.

One of the best things about our experience at Mr Rain's Fun House? The service was impeccable. I wish I had gotten our waitress's name now, but she was fantastic- perfectly attentive, willing and going above and beyond to bring additional sauces, all in a timely and friendly manner. Really, she was wonderful.

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