Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Review: Lebanese Taverna

Lebanese Taverna
719 S. President Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

We had a nice meal at Lebanese Taverna, after walking along the Inner Harbor to Harbor East. The weather was just perfect for sitting on the outside patio area.

Dinner out

We were promptly brought fresh pitas with dipping oil. When you first try the pitas, it was sort of like "Well, these are pretty good" but by the end, I was thoroughly enjoying their pillowy softness and delicious lemony salty taste with the olive oil dipping sauce. They are definitely unlike pitas I've had anywhere else.

Pitas and Dip

Now onto the main course. Though I was tempted by the Hummos Bar, I ordered the Vegetarian Mezza platter (~$14). This included (from their website): fatayer b'jibneh, m'saka, foole m'damas, baba ghannouge, hommos, fattoush, fatayer b'sbanigh, lebneh, and falafel. I only knew what the grape leaves (one of the things in the listing must have been substituted with grape leaves- perfectly okay, it was delicious), falafel, hommos, and baba ghannouge were, but everything tasted good, and the presentation was nice!

Vegetarian mezze platter

In addition, the hummus was some of the best I've had- a wonderful smoky flavor, and very thick. Fantastic!

Kevin went with the Lamb and Beef Shawarma ($17) which is served with tahini and garlic sauce. It was tasty, but not particularly memorable. I did think the leftovers next day served with some hot sauce was delish!

Beef Schwarma

The service was decent, and overall we enjoyed the food. Nonetheless, our general impression was that we could get cheaper and slightly better Mediterranean much closer to us- at our favorite Lebanese place in Fed Hill, Byblos. I love that place so much! Still, I would recommend trying this place out if you're in the Harbor East area. And try the hummus for sure. It rocks!

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  1. What a beautiful-looking dish! I'm definitely an eat-with-your-eyes kind of gal...would have loved seeing a server put that down in front of me!