Monday, October 25, 2010

Food Review: Pioneer Pit Beef

The day we drove over to Pioneer Pit Beef, over on the west side of town near Catonsville, it was just lovely outside. Fall on the East Coast is probably the best time of year around here. And it seems to last so much longer than in Colorado! (at least, it did last year. I'm holding out hope for this year as well).

Pioneer Pit Beef

So, in our West Coast naivete, we mistakenly have believed our entire lives that Arby's roast beef sandwiches were stand-alone foods, ie., they weren't imitating anything else. Well, we have found out that we were wrong. There are "real" beef sandwiches call Pit Beef, roasted very fresh and put on a bun with a bunch of horsey sauce (no "Arby's" sauce though- haha).

At Pioneer Pit Beef, it's a no-frills, order at the window inside, take-to-go or enjoy on a picnic bench outside, cash only, kind of place. As we were waiting for our sandwich, they offered us a freshly sliced, hot piece of roast beef- yum!

The sandwich itself was simple but well-done- plenty of sliced tender roast beef piled high on the bun, with a choice of sauces. The meat is just perfectly cooked, not overdone (you can specify rare, medium, well-done, etc- I had medium). I had read rave reviews of the Tiger sauce (basically a horsey sauce, but not just pure horseradish, though that's available too). It was a terrific combination, though I needed some extra sauce from what they put on there- I love my sauce!

Pit Beef

Kevin absolutely loved this place, and he has since gotten a dreamy look in his eye and wistfully mentioned that he wished they were in our neighborhood. But we were both fans, so I'm sure the drive won't hinder us from going back.

Pioneer Pit Beef
1602 N Rolling Rd
Windsor Mill,MD 21244

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  1. We are having a spectacular fall this year, aren't we? Here's hoping that it holds for a little longer (I'm not ready for winter).