Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Things

Whoa, busy week!  I have a whole folder of adorably cute photos to process (because I take about a gazillion and then go through later and delete the crappy ones and crop and brighten the rest- yay digital cameras), but I haven't had a lot of time to do it.  So here's a list of random things:

1)  This, right here, is my favorite tabbouleh EVER.  It's from Byblos in Federal Hill (read my review from a long time ago here).  We love this place- it's the only place I've ever gone where the owners know who I am and ask about Nora.  But even if they didn't make me feel like I'm at home in their store, I would love their food.  The tabbouleh- I don't think I even really liked tabbouleh before this place- is bright, lemony, moist, fresh- yum!  The parsley is not too overwhelming like it sometimes can be.  I also love both the regular hummus and the country-style hummus.  The beef schwarma platter is another favorite. 

2) Nora likes to try to balance stuff on her head.  She's actually pretty good at it!  You can see her focus as she tries not to move her head too much... (sorry for the slightly blurry photos).  She looks like the tin man here. :)


3)  Kevin made these little gems a few weeks ago.  Homemade sea salt caramels.  I'm hoping he'll blog about it sometime- he says he's perfecting the recipe.  Lunch club at work really really enjoyed them!



  1. Yay for a cute Nora picture! Such a tease with the yummy looking caramels and no recipe. Hopefully Kevin will blog about them soon!

  2. I LOVE the concentration look on her face! What a cutie!

  3. Amy- Why is Nora the cutest baby ever? I mean all babies are cute, but your baby- she kills me. Why is she trying to balance things on her head? She kills me. She is hilarious. I love her. But I love her mommy too, so I guess it all makes sense. Hope skype works this weekend, Love you,
    Auntie Erin

    1. Aww, thanks Erin- what a nice message.