Friday, November 8, 2013

Nora at 29 months

Her "cheese" face.

This girl cracks me up.  She's lately developed a lot of opinions about things. "I don't like this song."  "I love grapes!" etcetera etcetera. She hates the "skin" on fruit- even on apples and grapes.  She can perfectly eat out the apple flesh from an apple slice.  Her favorite foods are probably mac and cheese and grapes.  And also she still goes crazy for the Chipotle pork bowl and guacamole.  She hates anything spicy or too hot temperature-wise.

Sometimes you have to beg her to be polite, and then randomly she'll come out unprompted with the most proper: "Thanks for cooking dinner, daddy."

She's getting pretty good about recognizing and sharing her emotions.  She'll have a little tantrum and then say "I'm grumpy".  Or she'll say,  "I feel a little sad."  Sometimes she lights my heart up when she says, "I'm happy, mommy!"

Playing in our square foot of snow.  She was excited!

She gets hooked on Disney movies and has memorized large portions of them.  She mostly likes the songs.  She requests "A Whole New World" as her lullaby every night before bed, and sings along.  Sometimes she'll use parts from the movie in real life.  Like in "Land Before Time", Little Foot runs around yelling "Mo-ther.  Mo-ther!" and one time I was upstairs and heard her at the bottom of the stairs yelling, "Mo-ther.  Mo-ther!"  She loves dinosaurs.  Her favorite song though is what she calls "The Circle Song" (aka Shake those 'simmons down) from our music class.

The things she repeats makes me aware of the phrases we say a lot.  Apparently I call her pumpkin a lot because pretty soon Nora was saying things like, "That's okay, pumpkin" to me.  Or sometimes she'll call herself pumpkin, like "Time to get dressed, Nora pumpkin."

Having fun at the park.

She finally cut all 4 of her canine teeth.  She likes to have me floss her teeth, but she doesn't like me to brush them (we do it anyway).  She's wearing mostly 3T clothing with some 2T stuff.  She's been doing great with potty training and only has a very rare accident.  She often wants to "do it all by myself" and gets mad if we try to help with the process.

A recent conversation, while we were having a tea party.  Me: "Nora, would you like some milk or sugar in your tea?"  Nora: "No, mommy, I want tea in my tea!"

She loved eating the snow.  Kind of made me glad we had so little of it, though it did bring back childhood memories of eating the snow myself.  I know *exactly* what it tastes like, don't you?

Naps can still be infuriating. I'd say she naps maybe 50% of the week, maybe a little less. She does pretty well at night especially with falling asleep.  Random wake ups and her early morning rising could be improved. :)  At least when she gets up in the morning she just plays in there for a long time.

We've started a thing at bedtime where we list what we are thankful for.  Since we're not religious and don't pray, and I've read that talking at bedtime is one of the best times to connect with your child, I wanted to do something that would get us talking and sharing.  I thought she wouldn't really get it but she asks to do it now every night ("I thank?") and she comes up with some surprisingly insightful things.  Some of the things she's thankful for:  Music class.  Songs.  Dancing.  Many of her relatives, listing different ones on different nights.  Her pillow.  Daddy's dancing.  Our house.  Pumpkins. Books.  Her various stuffed animals. Her teacher and her school.  Pajamas. And, mommy and daddy. :)



  1. OMG...her thankful list is adorable! I love that idea too (may have to borrow it)! And for the rest of the blog...well especially the whole first half, I could have been reading about Evan! Crazy cheese face, skin on fruit, random politeness, calling John "honey" because I must do it enough, etc. You may see a similar post from my blog soon...haha. This is a great age, isn't it? :)

  2. She is so cute! I love that she calls herself a pumpkin. I also like the thankful idea, very cute