Friday, November 15, 2013

Random Updates

(1) Night rotations suck.  Kevin is currently on a three week neurosurgery rotation where he leaves at 5pm (before I get home from work) and gets home at 7am.  He then sees us for about an hour and then we have to leave for work/daycare.  Oh, and he only gets Wednesday night off.  Hence why I'm blogging on a Friday night.  Our relationship is mostly text messages these days.  At least it's only 3 weeks!

(2) I got my proposal done (even about 5 days ahead of time).  Yay!  Now onto other projects, the most stressful one being all the work I need to do for this presentation in New Zealand in January.  Eek!

(3) My brother and his wife visited us last weekend- it was seriously so much fun!  Nora adores them and they are excellent cooks, and made delicious pizza for us.  I'm just sad their trip was so short.

(4) I can't believe the holidays are nearly upon us.  I'm a little bit sad because this year we won't see much of Kevin at Thanksgiving, and only slightly more at Christmas. :(  That's residency for ya, I guess.  My parents are graciously having me and Nora over for some traditional Thanksgiving dinner! (or maybe not so traditional- my dad wants to order this smoked goose).  Thank goodness for being home and near family so we're not all on our own this year.

(5) Our last fall music class is tomorrow... it was such a success!  Nora is a singing superstar (I might be a little bit biased).  We're going to take the winter class too because Nora sings all the time now (not just music class songs) and I think it's really encouraged her, plus it's a good indoor activity for a two-year old.  Then I think in the spring I'll try to get her into a gymnastics class.  Fun!  Here's a video of Nora singing Old MacDonald.

You can also tell from the video that we're at the stage that Nora wants to pick out her own outfits.  I guess she was really feeling the stripes on this particular day.


  1. We need more videos of Nora singing. She has such a cute little voice and she is such a good little singer.

  2. I already wrote the above comment, but didn't put my name. But we definitely need more Nora videos. I have watched the Old MacDonald one like 10 times today. More videos, more videos, more videos! - Erin

  3. Where do you take the music class at? I'd love to find a way to encourage Evan to sing more and learn more words to songs. He seems to like singing a lot sometimes, and then totally not want to sing other times though, so who knows how well he'd like such a class. It's always worth a try I think. And I'm glad you're near family now too...and hoping Kevin's schedule gets better for you soon!

  4. Oh My gosh! She is so adorable! her singing is so cute

  5. sad about time with kevin being short :( Hope it gets better soon! Toddler classes are so fun!

  6. So - how do you find time to get Nora to music class (and maybe soon gym class) while working full-time? I would love to enroll Addie in a gym class but couldn't get her there myself. Maybe in a few months when we have a sitter we trust that I could have take her, maybe... Tell me your secret! :)

    And as for items 1 and 4, I totally completely understand (and at least your husband texts you back!) - hang in there. This too shall pass in time. And fortunately for you Kevin isn't training to be a neurosurgeon or something! ;)